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Sat Nav For Your Soul with Carrie Kirkpatrick

Your Fast Track To Empowerment

Psychic Coach Carrie Kirkpatrick introduces her siganture self-empowerment system for successful manifestion and connection to the Divine Goddesses.


Carrie first developed the Sat Nav For Your Soul system in 2006 when she started to appear on national television.  Over the years that followed Carrie appeared regularly in the media, from appearances on More 4 News, to the Eddie Nestor Show on BBC Radio, the Christian O'Connell Show on Absolute Radio and as a studio psychic for several live interactive shows on Sky TV.


She found that her natural psychic and intutive gifts treamed up well with her ability to find solutions for her clients and the result was a style of reading and guidance that truly helped her clients to overcome the obstacles in their lives.


Carrie is a Preistess of the Goddess, which means that she is skilled in connecting with the Divine energies and enlisting their help in problem solving. Carrie teaches her clients a powerful technique to help them manifest the life that they desire which involves energetic work, NLP, natural magic and a connection to deities from a wide range of Pantheons.

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Sat Nav For Your Soul consultations


Face to face £200.00 for 2 hours

at the Oracle TV studio


Skype or telephone £170.00 for 2 hours

Sat Nav For Your Soul

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Sat Nav For Your Soul

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