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Digital broadcasting channel creating premium video content for Mind, Body and Soul.

Sat Nav For Your Soul

Spiritual Shopping Channel

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Your Fast Track

to Empowerment

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Featured Medium

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Featured Psychic

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Self Development

Featured Healer

Psychic Medium Aldo Raffa

Psychic Medium & Healer Francesca McDonald

Antionetta Vogels introduces the Healthy Sense of Self system.

Harun Rabbani CEO of UnTangled Living Media and Heart Energy Healer.

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Featured Healer

Paul Quinton of Universal Healing

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KG Hypnobirthing

Oracle Television Video Production Services

Oracle Television create and produce digital TV and video content to help promote your business. Video is now an essential tool for reaching your customers through social media and guiding them to your website, increasing sales and generating revenue. Oracle TV has an in house studio in Highgate, North London with multi camera live streaming facilities. We can also travel to you and produce your video on location whether it be a promo, pay per view tutorial or a conference. If you would like us to produce a video for your business call us on +44 (0) 208 348 5885.


Hekate Symposium

The Hekate Sympoisum hosted by Theurgia in Glastonbury.

Katharine Graves of KG Hypnobirthing

Oracle TV Founder Carrie Kirkpatrick

Creative Director Darren Richardson

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Featured Coach

Anastasia Hatzivasilou of SAM

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Psychic Development

Featured Soul Midwife

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Jade Parsonage

Molly Ann Fairley

In production

Call now for a free consultation and quote for creating video content to promote your business on 0208 348 5885.


Psychic Coach Carrie Kirkpatrick using her signature Sat Nav For The Soul system.

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Goddess Enchantment

Learn to connect with the Divine Feminine at a Goddes Workshop with Carrie Kirkpatrick & Kleo Kay.

In production