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Antoinetta Vogels introduces Healthy Sense of Self

Antoinetta Vogels is the Founder & CEO of HealthySenseOfSelf TM, LLC, creator of the Sense of Self Method, a Self-help Program for People who Want to Get a Good Night’s Sleep No Matter What!


In 2013, Antoinetta published her first book, Healthy Sense of  TM - How to be True to Your Self and Make Your World a Better Place!


Through HealthySenseOfSelf TM, LLC, Antoinetta offers education on what can go wrong with our relationship to the Self and others, when we are not acknowledged in early childhood as the autonomous person we truly are.


Born in the Netherlands right after World War II, Antoinetta remembers clearly her firm decision as a little girl that she had to do something to an end to war. It is her deepest desire to create a better world by inspiring people to work on improving their own lives.


Being an accomplished bassoonist in several renowned classical orchestras in the Netherlands for 18 years turned out to be the background Antoinetta needed to get the full understanding of her inner workings which formed the foundation of the SoS Method.

Shortly after becoming a mother, Antoinetta was suddenly wrought with mysterious onset of severe insomnia that led to early retirement from her musical career. Antoinetta’s journey began with the intention to determine the underlying cause of this predicament that plagued her for more than 25 years.


Through continuous introspection, self-observation, and research Antoinetta identified behavior patterns that ultimately led to developing the Sense of Self Method. She was able to correlate the importance of a healthy Sense of Self to successfully managing many physical, emotional, psychological, and social issues.


“A healthy Sense of Self is the backbone of the human psyche.

Without it a person skips his/her own life all together.”


“My passion lies in sharing with as many people as possible that a healthy Sense of Self is a crucial asset for people who want to live life to the fullest and that happy and independent people contribute to expanding peace in the world at large.”

"Carrie, you managed to put me into the flow by being your friendly fun and relaxed Self.  That together with the skills and experience you have we managed to shoot some wonderfully relaxed video material. Thank you!"

Antoinetta Vogels, Founder of A Healthy Sense of Self.