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halloween lower third

To celebrate the time of Samhain and Halloween, Oracle TV are hosting  a second  four hour long Halloween Special, featuring eminent guests from the mystical world  along with supernatural documentaries.


Carrie Kirkpatrick was joined in the studio by international medium TJ Higgs, shamanic healer and psychic Liz King, psychic medium and healer Julie Cook and author and preistess of the Goddess Kleo Kay.


New films include book trails for 

A Coin For the Ferryman by Jimahl Di Fiosa and The Magonia Stone by Markus Wolfson along with a lecture on the Goddess Hekate by Melissa Harrington  given at the Hekate Symposium in Glastonbury 2014.


Also featured are Ken Rees, Sortia d'Este and Gareth Medway in the documentary The Witches' Coven and Francesca McDonald presenting Tales of Haunted Scotland and Della Farrant introducing her book Haunted Highgate.


The evening will finsh off with a screening of Hecate Rising set in Queens Woods, Highgate.

Oracle TV's Halloween Special 2015

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