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Francesca McDonald

Francesca McDonald is an eighth generation Scottish psychic medium who has worked internationally for over four decades in the psychic field.  Brought up in the highlands of Scotland, she has been surrounded by spirit all her life so working psychically was and is, a natural choice.


Now based outside Edinburgh, Francesca travels monthly to London to work on the television show she has been involved in for the last ten years on Sky TV and to hold various workshops, talks and for private consultations.


Francesca studied astrology in the 1970's and has worked for over thirty years with psychic astrology. She also is a spiritual healer, working with crystals and chakras, dream interpreter and past life expert.



Francesca has been featured in Oracle TV's Halloween Special, hosting a new series of programmes, Tales of Haunted Scotland.


Fran has also hosted a series of programmes on past licves, Beyond The Veil, which will be available soon.


Francesca has worked within the media for over three decades including writing for newspapers and magazines, working on radio both in Britain and abroad and on several television shows.


Consultations with Francesca can be booked in Scotland and London as can parties and media appearances. Francesca can be booked for talks and after dinner speeches, specialist and  motivational workshops.


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