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Producing Broadcast Quality Video Content

Be on Oracle TV

We specialise in creating and producing creative and informative video content to promote your spiritual or esoteric business. We cover a wide range of styles and genres from promos, commercials, pay per download tutorial videos, web videos and coverage of your conference or event.  And all of our key personnel are BBC trained.


We have our own in house studio with multi-camera live streaming facilities and we also shoot on  location using BBC approved cameras.


Your quotation will be tailored to your needs after an initial meeting.  As a guide, a short commercial using one of our animated templates starts at £600.00 & VAT.

"Carrie, you managed to put me into the flow by being your friendly, fun and relaxed Self.  That together with the skills and experience you have, we managed to shoot some wonderfully relaxed video material. Thank you!"

Antoinetta Vogels, Founder of Healthy Sense of Self.

Client testimonials


Anastasia Hatsivasilou, SAM

Anna Kitney, Bourgeon

Katharine Graves, KG Hypnobirthing

Paul Quinton, Universal Healing

The Frankincense Store

Mind Body Soul Experience

Lucy Byatt, Opening2Intuition

Sauniere Society

Hekate Symposium

Debbie McIntee, Soulful Creations

Molly Ann Fairley, Psychic Slimming

Muriel Mueller, MuMu Yoga

Heaven and Earth Feast

Aldo Raffa, Psychic Medium & Healer

Antoinetta Vogels, Healthy Sense of Self

Francesca McDonald, Psychic Medium & Healer

Harun Rabbani, UnTangled Living Media & Heart Healer

Natalia Nad, Tranquilmind

Peter Johnson, Psychic Medium

Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival

Goddess Enchantment

Natural Dog Conference

Terri Stromeyer

Kieser Training

Recent Clients Include:

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