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Since 2007, Carrie has focussed on developing and producing programming for independent channels, including presenting and producing two series for Living In Spain TV, on Sky TV, Alternative Andalucia and Mystical Legends.

Carrie Kirkpatrick has worked extensively in the mind. body, spirit industry as both a practitioner and producer of esoteric and spiritual programmes, promos and documentaries.


Carrie produces, directs, operates camera, edits and presents and it is this combination of skills that enables Carrie to bring out the best in her clients.


Carrie started her production career in music videos, before moving into commercials, working as the assistant to the award winning director Tony Kaye.  Carrie went on to direct several commercials, winning two awards, before she moved into factual entertainment and educational programming at the BBC and independent TV companies.



Carrie Kirkpatrick, Founder & Managing Director

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In addition to working in TV, Carrie has worked as a professional psychic consultant for over thirty-five years, specialising in gudiing people through difficult situations using her signature 'Sat Nav Fo Your Soul' system and her unique blend of Goddess Guidance, natural magic and spiritual devleopment techniques. She has appeared extensively on television, on radio and in the press. Carrie has written and photographed two books, Goddess Enchantment - Magic & Spells Volumes 1 & 2 and has facilitated numerous workshops. She has produced the Goddess Enchantment Oracle App which is available form the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.


Carrie has appeared extensively on several Sky TV channels as a presenter and expert psychic and has also been featured on radio and in the press.

Diane Cherry, Head of Production

Carrie filming in the Oracle TV studio

Diane Cherry is a highly experienced producer whose most recent credits include the award winning documentary Mad Dog: Gaddafi's Secret World for the BBC and Showtime, USA. Diane worked as a senior production manager at the BBC for over twenty years and joins Oracle TV as Head of Production.


Diane has worked in entertainment, documentaries, factual entertainment and current affairs.


A regular at Oracle TV's events, Diane brings her excellent production skills and vision to Oracle TV's productions.

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